Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ouch! I feel like a pin cushion

Yesterday we visited the Travel Medicine Clinic in Penticton and had the oh, so unpleasant task of updating our vaccinations for the upcoming trip. Rosi and I have always kept our shots current because we’ve been to Central America twice before, and even in Mexico we get fairly far of the beaten track. Our Hep A and Hep B are up to date and good for life because of this. Likewise, our PDT vaccinations (polio/diphtheria/tetanus) are still good for another few years. What we had to update for this trip was our Typhoid vaccination, Yellow Fever because we’ll be going past the Canal Zone into the Darien and Malaria. For the Malaria we have to visit our Dr and get him to give us prescriptions. Rosi will be able to use the standard Chloroquine, but because I’m going further into the Darien I have to look at two alternates. One is cheap and easy but may have some nasty side effects. The other is more expensive but may be easier on my system. I’ll just have to wait for the Dr.’s advice. The only other thing we’ll need is to get a prescription for Cipro – an antibiotic to take with us just in case we get Travelers Diarrhea and it turns into something worse, like dysentery.
Ah the joys of third world travel!

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