Wednesday, November 28, 2007

E-Bay and the Internet - Gotta Love it!

Last night, sitting at my computer in Summerland BC, I was able to buy a windshield in Arkansas and have it shipped to Apache Junction AZ. I can't even imagine how we made out with things like this 20 years ago! Even with SPAM, scams and other issues the Internet certainly makes a lot of things MUCH easier and more convenient.
Soooo........hopefully, through miracle of UPS, the replacement windshield should arrive at my Dad's sometime late next week.
Once there my Dad has graciously volunteered to pull the damaged one and install the replacement.

Dad, if you're able to pull this off you're the newest official associate member of Team Panama 2008! And carol - for allowing all four of us to crash at your condo for the two nights before we leave - and for all your help in picking us up at the Airport etc - you're the second official associate member of Team Panama 2008.


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