Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rosi's New Gear

We just arrived home from a great week-end down in Spokane. We were able to find a dealer that carried a fairly good assortment of women's sizes ( something that's harder than it should be - don't they know more and more women are riding?!) in Firstgear riding apparel. Why Firstgear? Why not? Actually, it's fairly simple. Just by co-incidence most of my gear is Firstgear and I really like it. It gets great reviews, is reasonably priced but not low-end entry level stuff, and looks and feels good. So, going with what we know, we decided to get Rosi gear made by the same company.

We were really successful. We got her a complete set of Meshtex hot weather gear and a Kilimanjaro touring jacket and matching HT Overpants.

All she needs now is a good set of boots and she'll be all set.

The first pictures are obviously Rosi.

The second set is the Kilamanjaro jacket from their website. The jacket and pants are on order and won't be here for another week .