Monday, November 12, 2007

Apache Junction

We made it!

1,700 miles, and more than a few truck stop lunches, and we pulled into Apache Junction at 4:00 this afternoon. All in all it was a fairly uneventful trip. It really did open our eyes though, and we're already planning on doing the trip again but at a much more leisurely pace. Some of the scenery through Utah and Arizona was simply incredible.

Can you spell future bike trip anyone??

Anyway - no problems with the bikes. Other than the accident loading them of course. All the tie downs held right up to the end. We checked every morning, every evening, and least once during the day. When we arrived one strap had actually broken but the bike had only shifted a little and it doesn't appear that was any damage at all. I'll know more when I unload in the morning.

Kevan - our used clutch assembly is here in Apache Junction

My warm weather riding gear arrived as well but apparently the sizes down here are small. It must be the foreign manufacturing - it can't possibly be me.

Oh well, I'm off to the MC shop tomorrow to buy what must be a very tight fitting XXL. Damn!

I have to admit though - that pants look very good as is - and who needs to breath anyway?

Anyway - now that I have access to a computer I'll try to add a few pictures.

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