Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back home in Canada

Hi Everyone
I apologize for not posting before now but things were pretty routine. We spent January in Mazatlan and had a great time. Brad came down for Christmas, Patty and John were down between Christmas and New Years and Tami was down on January. We drove home at the end of January and spent three days in AJ visiting my dad before the final push home, where we arrived on Feb 8thy.

We've decided on passing on buying in Mexico for the time being for a variety of reasons so we're going to look for something in the Phoenix area. Now that we're back I'm really busy with work for the next few months but by June we hope to be able to make a trip back with the specific purpose of buying something in the Gold Canyon or Mesa areas.

In the interim I'm heading to MB this Sunday for four days and then I'm off to Dawson Creek for a couple of months - maybe longer. Rosi is staying home with Dexter to hold the fort but may join me up there if I stay for May/June.

That's it for now