Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Journey Begins

The journey begins: well, not quite but we’re definitely making progress. Kevan and Karen drove up from Nanaimo and arrived at our house late yesterday afternoon. They hauled two more of the bikes on Kevan’s flat deck trailer - Kevan and Brad’s Silerwings. Kevan also brought several boxes of assorted parts, tools and some of his personal gear. The plan is for Steve to bring his KLR down on the 8th and for him to help me load everything into a U-Haul truck and take all four bikes and any personal gear etc., to Apache Junction in two weeks. This way we’ll avoid having to ride through the US in the winter, plus it gives us one more week we can spend on the trip.
There’s lots more stuff to do but it’s starting to feel very real. Kevan and I spent hours pouring over maps, looking at different itineraries and generally nailing down the myriad details that a trip like this entails.

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