Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Route

Well, we've decided on a route.

We looked at a lot of options and weighed the variables. First and foremost, we want a trip that will be enjoyable for Rosi on her first major multi-day ride. We considered heading inland because I'd like to see Lake Chapala and we both would like to visit Uruapan but we don't think this is the trip to do it. The roads inland are much busier and it can be cold this time of year due to the elevation. We also thought of a circle route taking us down the coast and back through Guadalajara, but again, we ruled it out for the same reasons.

What we've settled on is the simplest and easiest - a straight run down the Pacific Coast as far as Zihuatanejo, and back. The roads are excellent, there isn't any complicated navigation and it'll range from warm to hot for most of the trip.

When we leave Apache Junction it's a long cold three-day run to Mazatlan. From there we plan to hop-scotch down the coast: Rincon, Barra, Playa Azul and Zihuatanejo. Coming back it'll be close to the reverse, with one change because we hope to hook up with Atillio in PV: Zihuatanejo, Barra, PV, Mazatlan and then the three-day run to home. Total mileage is estimated at 5,400 klm (plus side trips) over 13 days, which allows for 10 days downtime and side trips. Our average mileage will be 413 klm, with the longest day being 553 klm and the shortest day being 125 klm.

The bike and our gear is on it's way and everything else is falling into place. It's still more than four weeks away but it'll come quick and then we'll know for sure if it's Rosi's cup of tea. If not, at least we'll be in Mexico and if it means staying in Mazatlan for the whole three weeks we'll just have to suffer through! Awwww.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flurry II heads south

Today I met Bonnie and Ward at their house in Osoyoos and loaded my bike into the U-Haul trailer they rented just for this purpose. Two months ago Ward graciously agreed to trailer my bike down to Phoenix for me when he and Bonnie head down to their second home in Mesa. They've been away in Alberta but now that Christmas is over they're packed up and heading south - with Flurry II firmly ensconced in the back.

Bonnie, Ward; thanks VERY much. Without your help with this part of the logistics we wouldn't be able to make the trip.

Rosi and I will fly down on January 24th and my bike will be there already waiting for us. I'll have a day to prep the bike and iron out any wrinkles and, if all goes according to plan, we hope to hit the raod by 7:00am on the 25th.

WooHoo - only 28 more sleeps!

On a different note - this time around we'll be able to maintain the blog a little more consistently and downloading pictures shouldn't be a problem either. I just came home from Staples, the proud owner of a new Acer Aspire One netbook, a really small laptop specially designed for travellers. I also bought a new, much smaller, Canon digital camera. When we're on the road Rosi will be in charge of stills and I'll handle the video camera ( as best I can ) and we'll try to keep friends and family current on where we are in the journey.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally Finished

For the past three years I've been taking classes through Vancouver Community College's School of Instructor Education for the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma. It's basically the equivalent of a two-year diploma in basic adult education and with it, I can teach in any community college in BC. I've been doing some contract corporate facilitation work off and on over the past six years and this certificate will also add some credibility to what I'm already doing.
After three-years of part time classes in Kelowna and on-line, and two months to complete my practicum, I'm finished. I sent my completed practicum down to VCC for marking yesterday. Now I just have to wait for it to be graded in January and hopefully, knock on wood, receive my diploma before we leave on vacation.
Speaking of which, I've been corresponding with an adventure-motorcycle tour company in Mazatlan and we may use them to take us on a tour over the Devil's Backbone. It's so high though, that weather is a major factor in Jan/Feb so it's not certain at this point. Should be exciting if we go!