Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our first mishap

We had our first mishap this evening.
Memo to self….never, EVER attempt to drive a 500 lb motorcycle up a ramp into the back of a U-Haul truck without LOT’S of people standing by to catch you.
I was thaaaaaaat close to making it. Actually, I was doing great but at the top, just as the front tire crossed the threshold I hesitated. Ooops….now the bike is unsteady I said. Self I said, no problem, I’ll just put my foot down…….DAMN!…. I forgot I’m four feet up on a two-foot wide ramp. And yes, you guessed it. I MISSED! Me and the bike tumbled. Luckily the bikes front wheel hung up on the threshold which stopped it from falling on to me – sprawled face up on the pavement looking up, oh so worried, at the spinning tire of a 500 hundred pound instrument of my impending death!
So…… the good news is a rear tail light and new windshield shouldn't be too hard to replace. Everything else seems fine. Well, as fine as a wrenched neck and swollen elbow can be before a 1,500 mile drive.
Here’s some pictures of how smooth it went AFTER we decided to push them on manually rather than driving them on.

Jim, I promise – I’ll be at work in the morning.

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