Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Month to Go!!

Not much new to report but we're now at the one month mark!
My Dad spent four hours working on Brad's bike installing the replacement windshield for us. It's one more thing out of the way. This is a huge weight off our shoulders because now we don't have to spend time dicking around with it on before we leave. We all arrive on Saturday evening and we want to leave first thing Monday morning so the less we have to do to get the bikes ready the better.
Dad and Carol - you're both officially associate members of Team Panama 2008!

Pretty much everything is done at this end. Brad and I both have our new BC Licenses - and Kevan is going to make colour copies for us and laminate them so we'll have "spares" to hand over at road blocks. It's a trick we read in some of the other blogs etc. If a Guatemalan police officer demands your license and then refuses to give it back unless you pay some trumped up fine, you agree to come in to the police station to pay and retrieve your license - and then carry on because it was just a copy. It sounds good in theory - only time and experience will show if it actually works.

Other than that we're pretty much done. I still have to pick up Rosi and I's Malaria tablets at the pharmacy but they should be ready this afternoon. I also have to call our credit card carriers and let them know which countries we'll be in and confirm with my out of country medical through work that everything is a go. All this is just fine tuning though - we're all just waiting for the "go" date now.

And not that anyone is counting but for me there's 29 sleeps!!

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