Sunday, January 13, 2008

Greetings from Nogales Arizona - Day 1

Just a short note to let everyone know that I'm alive and well in sunny Nogales Arizona. I drove down to Spokane on Friday evening and it was one terrible! I've never driven through such thick fog in all my life. At one point I was down to 20 KPH and I had my four way flashers on because I was scared I would be hit from behind.I eventually made it OK and spent an uneventful night in Spokane.
The flight down was OK as well, with the exception of the stop over in Salt Lake City. We changed planes as planned but after we taxied out to the runway we sat for a full hour while the pilot tried to correct a mechanical problem. They eventually pulled us back to the airport for mechanics to fix it but no such luck - so it was everybody off the plane and re-board on a replacement. It all worked out though, and even though I was two hours late, I arrived safe and sound in Phoenix and - oh joy of joy's! - my luggage was waiting for me!
We stayed up until midnight going over routes and pouring over maps. After a solid 4 hours sleep I was wide awake and ready to go - the problem of course, was it was still 4:00 in the morning! Oh well, eventually 7:00 arrived and we all got up, had a great breakfast, loaded our gear, said our many good by's and hit the road at noon.
We arrived in Nogales - 276 klm - at 5:00. It would have been sooner but it took a solid hour to get through Tuscon. Cities!
Anyway - tomorrow bright and early at 6:00 we're finally crossing the Mexican border and the "real"journey begins

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