Saturday, January 26, 2008

Days 12 and 13

First. Still no luck on downloading pictures
Second. I make no appologies for spelling on this post. I'm using a keyboard that doesn't look remotely familiar and half the key labels are worn off. Not good for someone that does't touch type.

It's been an emotional couple of days. We got up bright and early yesterday because we wanted to get to Hualtulco as early as possible in order to get Kevan into a hospital for a proper check up. Unfortunately, I had another tire problem so I needed to hang back until 9:00, when I could get into a tire shop. Rather than everyone stay back we split up for the first time. We decided that Steve and Kevan would go ahead and Brad and I would stay until I got the tire fixed. The idea was that we'd meet in Hualtulco at a specific hotel we picked out of the guide book. Everything went great. They took off and a half hour later the shop opened and we were in and out in 30 minutes. Brad and I made it to Hualtulco by 11:30 but things didn'd go as planned. Steve and Kevan wrote down the right hotel but Brad went by memory and we got turned around on the way into town so he thought they should have been at two different hotels. When they weren't there we spent several hours driving to every hospital, clinic and english speaking doctor we could find. The really weird thing was they were supposed to e-mail Brad to let us know ehere they were. Again, it was one of those things that after the fact you realize your mistake. Brad has his e-mail set up in such a way that unknown contacts can't e-mail him. It's like a spam filter. Sooooo.... they couldn't contact us and we couldn't find them. We were all worried about each other and went so far as calling spouses in Canada to see if they'd heard from their respective husbands. All's well that ends well though. We eventually hooked up in the main town square - had a few heated words about who exactly srewed up - used it as an opportunity to learn for next time - and then drank copius ampounts of rum to put is all behind us.
Which brings me to my next point. I've recieved a few e-mails and inquiries asking if I'm really enjoying this. Did I make a mistake?
It's a hard question to answer because most of my friends and family don't have a common frame of referrence to refer to. If I was a tourist the answer would be easy - NO! But we're not. We're travellers. In this case, overland travellers on motorcycles. The destination isn't important - only the journey. 12 years ago I hiked the West Coast Trail. During the hike we fought rain, mud, cold and fatigue for 8 days. Did I enjoy it at the time? Only a masochist (sp?) would enjoy days of cold rain and mud up to your thighs. Would I change it? Not at all. It's one of my fondest memories. Two years ago Rosi and visited the Mayan ruins at Tikal. Most tourists fly in for a day, get a guided tour and fly back to their resort. Rosi and I though, are travellers. We travelled overland by bus for two gruelling days in order to meet the people and really see the countryside. And at the time Rosi was sick with what we later learned was pneumonoia. Do we regret it? How can you regret being able to get up at 5:00 in order to arrive at a site before any tourists and in time to see and hear troups of Howler Monkey's? - something 90% of the toursits miss.
So, to answer the questions. Yes, it's been MUCH harder at times than we imagined. Would I change anything? Absolutly, to, live is to learn. Would I do it again - In a heart beat!

So, now for the update;
Day 12 (above) brought us to La Cruceita on beautiful Bahia Hualtulco. It's absolutely beautiful and all of us love it.
Day 13 has been a down day to suck back and reload. Steve and I spent the afternoon at a local beach while Brad caught up on sleep and Kevan layed low.

Which brings me to the very sad news that Kevan has to go home early. His blood pressure and irregular heart beat are quite serious. He's been given some emergency medication here but he needs to get back into Canada ASAP in order to start proper treatment. He and I have planned this for over a year and it just won't feel right without BUFF at our side. It was quite an emotional morning for him and I and more than a few manly hugs were exchanged while we dryed our eyes. This afternoon he gave his bike away to a needy Mexican famliy and it seems REALLY strange to now see only three bikes parked out front.
BUT... the trip continues and a new phase begins. Brad and I have redistributed Kevan's parts and tools and between the two of us we'll keep the Silverwings on the Road. Steve's been a rock and has grounded the rest of us as we've all worked though what could have been a deal breaker.
So tomorrow we enter phase II. We have a two day run through Chiapas to the Guatemalan border and, knock on wood, we should enter Guatemala sometime late on Monday. It's approx 2,500 klm through Central America, which is obtainable as long as we keep our wits about us. Three is a very different dynamic than four but Team Panama 08 is up to the task!
Hasta la Vista Y Via con Dias!

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