Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 8 and 9

Hi All
Just a quick follow up to my last post and an apology. You may see some pretty poor spelling on these posts. Unfortunately, I´m now the result of 15 years of spell check and I couldn´t spell well in school to start with. Add in a Spanish keyboard, and the fact that spell check doesn´t seem to work on an English website when accessed from Mexico, and this is the result. If you see a word that´s mispelled please just give me the benefit of the doubt.
When we checked into our hotel in Zijuat we decided to change things up and I shared a room with Steve. Now, we´re all tired and we all snore to a degree, so we´ve all had to put on our game face and suck it up. To describe what Steve does as snoring though, would be to describe the Grand Canyon as just another small hole in the ground. Oh, my gawd! I´ve heard freight trains that were less noisy! It was a long sleepless night but at least Steve got some well deserved rest.

Day 8 was another amazing ride day down the pacific coast to Acapulco with Day 9 (today) a down day to catch up on laundry, buy some parts at Walmart and just hang out at the beach.

Total klm so far - 3,128

A few highlights so far, in no particular order:
The sights: sunrise, mist rising on the Pacific, sweeping vistas, beautiful beaches, amazing cliffs, incredible colours, smiling faces, smoke, burning garbage, trash, VERY busy traffic, volcanoes, smiling children, goats on the road
The sounds: traffic, horns, chickens, music, MORE music, LOUD music, barking dogs, birds
The smells: diesel fumes, sewer gas, fragrant spices, citrus, cilantro
And finally, the heat and humidity, which is taking a greater toll than we originally thought.
Mexico is not for the faint of heart but if you´re willing to get away from the resorts and explore all that it has to offer it´s a feast for the senses and worth every penny of the price of admission!
Tomorrow it´s a 6:00 start to beat the heat as we head out to Puerto Escondido.
Adios Mi Amigos Y Mi Familia

Sorry - I´ve been trying to upload photos for the past 20 minutes but it just won´t work. Maybe the next computer will have better luck

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  1. .caI stayed in the same room with Steve on a snowboard trip. It was much quieter the next day in the helicopter.