Sunday, January 20, 2008

Days 6 & 7

Before I get into today and yesterday, a quick follow up on Barra de Navidad. We had a long drive to get there and went out for a well deserved very nice dineer and a few (too many) drinks at a couple of local watering holes. On the walk back to the hotel we just had to stop for a few of the world famous tacos from the Barra De Navidad Bus Depot Taco Stand.
Now, any of you that have travelled will know the joys of tourista- AKA, travellers diaraha. This wasn`t that. This was full blown, cold sweat, projectile vomiting, food poisening. I was up all night and at one point I must have found God because I know I prayed that if He was up there, to please just kill me now and bring this to an end. Brad and Steve had slight bouts as well but I must have had the one bad taco. Needless to say, it was unpleasant in the extreeme and made for a VERY long day the next morning.
Day 6
Saturday was a very short riding day of only 156 klm to the city of Colima. It took us longer than it should have though, because of me stopping every 45 minutes to get off my bike to fight back the waves of nausea. We varrived in Colima around 11:30 and grabbed the first hotel we could find. We lucked out and found a great little very typical Mexican hotel that had secure parking and was right on the main town square for only $23 per night. I crashed and slept right through until 5:00 but Steve, Brad and Kevan were able to take in the sites and soak up some fantastic culture. Colima is the state capital and a lovely collonial city, with museums, sidewalk cafes and fantastic sites.
We ended up at a sidewalk cafe right on the main square for dinner and were able to see a huge free concert of local musicions and dance troups.
Day 7
Today was Nirvana for any of you that ride. We got up early and, I`m VERY happy to say, we were all back to 100% as far as feeling well. We hit the road at 7:00 and had an absolutely FANTASTIC ride along the Pacific Coast. Tight switchbacks, huge sweeping curves, periodic straight stretches, major elevation changes and all with the crystal clear, unrealistically blue, Pacific crashing on to long stretches of deserted powder white beaches for miles and miles.
We eventually made it to Zijuatenajo (sp?) around 3:00. We left Colima and it was fairly warm but cool once we got up to speed. By 10:00 it passed warm on the way to hot and by 12:00 we hit Freak`n Hot! We`re all drinking at least four bottles of water by noon and it`s still not enough.
Tonight we just finished a typical Mexican dinner at a little family restaurant. All four of us had a quarter chicken (yes Sweety - El Carbon!) refried beans, tortillas, rice, french fires and three beer each and the total came to less than $40 Can - Viva Mexico!
Tomorrow is another short day to Acapulco and a well deserved day off. We have to pick up a few things at a bike shop to do some maintenance on one of the Honda`s and then it`ll be laudry and a day at the beach.
Today was 452 klm and our total so far is 2,883. Hard to believe!
Take care Mi Amigos Y Mi Familia
Hasta La Vista


  1. Hi Dale and the gang,
    Thank you so much for keeping up your comments on the blog. WOW!! Sounds like a real "Wild Hog" experience.
    Have a safe trip.
    From Crystal and the gang at the Oliver branch.

  2. Wow, Dale...I love your writing! I also have to contend with a spanish keyboard as I bought my laptop in the Dom Rep!
    Your blogs are entertaining and wonderful...Mom and I are now going to follow your journey, and can't wait to see some pics...when you finally get to a 'puter that will let you upload them!
    Please give our love to Steve...we are thinking of all of you and what a fabulous journey you are having.
    Bueno suerte!
    Love, Colleen and Carolyn