Saturday, October 27, 2007

Team Panama 2008

The team....

Myself..I had a Honda Trail 90 (didn't we all?) more than 27 years ago, followed by a Kawasaki 250 Enduro shortly after, Since then I haven't ridden a MC for > 25 years, let alone ever had a license. So I took lessons in Kelowna this spring and passed the road test in August. Kevan picked up my bike for me in January and I started riding in May. Since then I've racked up 6,000klm and I feel fairly confident.
I’m a 27 year career banker currently working as a senior manager for a large credit union in headquartered in the Okanagan. And please, let me use this as an opportunity to thank the credit union in general and my boss Kelly, and his boss Paulette specifically, for allowing me to take five weeks off in Jan/Feb for this trip. This much time is unheard of for a senior manager in my position and VERY much appreciated.
I’ve traveled extensively through Mexico, and Rosi and I backpacked on two occasions through Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. I think I’ll be able to help the team with logistics, organization and just enough Spanish to get us into trouble.

My stepson Brad, with the VERY generous support of his new girlfriend, Joyce, is joining us for this little adventure. Brad is a service manager for a large marina and fleet management company located in Sidney. Brad has a love of travel and has rented a car and driven solo through much of Mexico on two different trips. He brings to the team a sense of adventure and youthful exuberance. I somehow suspect it’ll be Brad urging us on when we get up at 5:00 to hit the road early.

My best friend for over twenty years. Kevan is a mortgage broker extraordinaire out of Nanaimo and is probably the most intelligent self-taught professional I know. It’s not his business sense though, that we’ll count on. Kevan has a VERY eclectic background, including, in no particular order, fireman, racecar driver, motorcycle rider and, did I mention MECHANIC! Kevan’s ridden bikes his whole life, much of it on Honda’s – and he’s forgotten more than most mechanics’ know. Oh yes, we’ve already come to depend on Kevan for a lot
BUFF, we can’t thank you enough!

My brother-in-law Steve is our KLR rider. Steve brings an incredible strength to the team. He’s virtually a professional mountain bike rider and he’s up for any challenge. But when the rest of us get frazzled I suspect it’ll be Steve's calm demeanor and thoughtful approach that will save our bacon. Or at least keep us grounded when things get frustrating.

So there you have it.....Team Panama 2008!

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