Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is love?

Love is so hard to define......

I could say it it's the softly spoken phrase, "hey, should we go for a ride today?"
Or ......the words, "let's ride Highway 33 to Rock Creek".......even though there was obviously a storm brewing on the horizon.

But love, true love, a look of grim determination and the words , hell no, let's continue on.....even though the temperature dropped to less than 10 degrees at the summit and the cold pouring rain was more reminiscent of November than late August. So, after changing from mesh gear to rainproof over pants, and zipping shut any open vents, we completed a 250 klm/five-hour ride from Summerland, through to Beaverdell and Rock Creek, and back to Summerland.

Or.......... I could say true love, real lasting love, is that most magical of phrases....those quiet words spoken only in the darkest hour - never at five in the afternoon in stark daylight (but hey, we were freezing!) - with a twinkle in the eye and a glass of red wine in hand......"hey, want to join me in the hot tub?"......

Hmmmmmm.....maybe love isn't so hard to define afterall.

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