Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Five - Idaho

Day Five - Idaho

Today was just one of those good days. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing untoward - just a good day of riding. It was a little chilly when we left around 7:45 but by
10:OO it was warm enough to peel off most of our wind breaker layers and by 11:00 it was good and hot. We stopped for an hour along the way to tour the Craters of the Moon National Monument, which was VERY cool (I’m sorry, but the Americans do this kind of thing really well) and then we continued on one of Idaho’s secondary highways to Boise. There was very little traffic and we were able to make some good time. AKA VERY spirited riding! There was only one short bit of excitement when we decided we didn’t need gas when we should have filled up and then didn’t see a gas station for WAY longer than we thought. We were both on fumes when we finally pulled into a station. Our bikes have 22 litre tanks and we both took just over 21 litres so we didn’t have much left.

We also ran into some heavy traffic because at the last minute we decided to pop onto the Interstate which we thought would be quicker - not! There was an accident and it was rush hours o what should have been 45 minutes turned into three hours. Oh well, because of the spontaneity we ended up here in Homedale at a beautiful small campground on the shore of the Snake River. It’s one of the prettiest spots I’ve seen for camping in along time. Good thing too - it was 97 in the shade when we got here and we didn’t have a lot of energy to go much further.

Today’s mileage - 600 klm

A good day!


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