Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rosi's new gear

A while back we bought Rosi a complete set of Firstgear mesh gear for summer along with Firstgear all season pants for spring and fall. A the same time I ordered a Firstgear Kilimanjaro waterproof touring jacket for cold weather riding but since then we had to cancel. Our order was placed right as the 08's were being sold out and the 09's coming out and we couldn't get her size colour combo anywhere. She wanted red and I just couldn't convince her that dayglow Hi-Vis yellow matched her eyes. we lucked out and I found a sell-off with one jacket in her size left. It's not red, but it's not Hi-Vis either. And, at more than $250 less than this years model it's a steal.

So, thanks to Dad and Carol allowing me to have things shipped to their place, her new jacket should be waiting for us in AJ when we arrive. We won't take it with us though. It would be OK for the first three days but after that it's just too heavy for hot weather riding. For this trip we'll stick to mesh hot-weather gear, even if it'll be a little cool for the first day or two. And speaking of mesh gear, I also bought her matching Joe Rocket red mesh gloves to match her jacket. She's going to be soooooo styling when we hit the road!

I just pray to the motorcycle gods she doesn't hate it or I've spent waaaaay to much money. Oh well, she still looks hot in the new gear! Grrrrr!

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