Thursday, January 22, 2009

Only a few more sleeps

Well, there are only a few more sleeps until we hit the road to Mexico.
Two, if you only count here at home.
Three, if you include Spokane before we fly out on Sunday to Phoenix
Four, if you count Sunday night at Dad's before we head to Mexico - but it's unlikely I'll sleep much that night so it hardly counts.

There's very little to do now except wait. I've gone over all the gear lists ad infinitum, and anything that can be done, has been done. Poor Dad and Carol. Every time I tell them that the last shipment is on it's way I have to call back and beg them to accept something else. Ah, the joys of obsession. So far they've taken receipt of tools, extra levers, a jacket, and now gloves. And the only reason I know for sure there won't be anything else is because there's no longer time for anything to arrive before leave. Hmmmmm...... I wonder if there's time for expedited overnight shipping? Dale! Let it go!

So, all the insurance, registration and temporary import doc's are copied and put away. I have two international drivers licences just in case one is confiscated at a checkpoint or bogus road block and our Mexican insurance is bought and paid for.

The only thing to do now is check the weather and road report for Spokane and cross our fingers that it's better than when I drove down last year.


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