Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting Closer!!

Honda ST 1300

Kawasaki Concours
Suzuki VStrom - Oh baby!!

As of this morning we're now officially less than three weeks until we leave - only 20 more sleeps until I head to Spokane!!

I'm heading down to Spokane early in the evening of Jan 11th and I fly to Phoenix the next morning. The good news is I'm not too excited at all. Unless you count waking up at 5:00 each morning because checklists, gear lists and the myriad things that can go wrong, are all flying around in my head. I initially tried to fight it but now I just get up and surf my new porn sites: E-Bay Motors, Motor-Cycle Superstore, Adventure Rider and Horizons Unlimited. Rosi says there's only so many times I can read comparisons between a VStrom and an ST1300 and that I'm entering obsession territory. Entering? I passed entering long ago! I'm now fully into obsession and closly approaching neurosis. I'm already planning the next bike and the next ride! At this point I'm leaning towards the VStrom as an excellent all-rounder, or maybe the Versys, but I have to admit I have just a wee bit of speed demon in me and a Concours or ST has a certain appeal. No rough road capably but they both go like a raped ape and they're oh, so sexy! Nothing like an old short hairy fat guy on a nice bike. Hey, I can at least pretend it's me and not the bike people are looking at :-)

Rosi and I once walked past an Ex-Officio store in an airport in the US and their slogan was that they were a store for those travellers that were already planning the next trip before they got on the plane to leave on this one. It spoke to me - I'm that guy!

Anyway, I have to run to do some last minute shopping. Here are pictures of my current dream bikes. Enjoy and have a fantastic Christmas.

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