Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the road again......

Greetings from Santa Marta, Colombia, or to be more exact, a resort hotel approx 15 klm south of the steamy port city of Santa Marta.

All good things must come to an end so as much as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Cartagena we hit the road on Tuesday for the port city of Santa Marta and our final days in Colombia. Our original plan was to take a cab to the bus terminal (45 minutes) and then catch a bus to Santa Marta (four hours) and from there take another cab to our hotel (30 minutes). As luck would have it though, the owner of the hotel was in that morning and overheard us talking about the trip. She speaks a little English and she interceded with a MUCH better recommendation. There’s a tourist shuttle - similar in size to a large passenger van at home - that runs a service between the two cities and offers door-to-door pick up and delivery. Muy Bueno! The van picked us up at our hotel at 11:00 and continued on to pick up other tourists at various hotels but by 12:00 we were on our way north and by 3:00 it dropped us off right at the lobby of our new hotel, the Costa Azul Beach Hotel.

Since then it hasn’t been too exciting, which is a good thing. Sometimes uneventful is just fine. We moved around quite a bit our first three weeks here but for these last few days we’re going to sit back and relax and play tourist. Yesterday we took cab into Santa Marta proper to look around and to get some much needed laundry done. We took in a museum on a whim just because it was open as we were walking by and we had an absolutely fantastic lunch at a little Italian restaurant off of the main square, but by 3:00 the heat and humidity had taken it’s toll and we were VERY ready to head back for a swim and siesta. Today is going to be a down day to hang out at the pool and maybe go for a nice walk on the beach. Plus as much as I hate to say it, I have some work I need to do in order to prepare for a presentation I’m making in PEI at the end of the month so I’ll be working a bit over the next couple of days. Tomorrow though, we have a tour lined up for a jungle walk through the national park that’s close by.

In the interim we’re still safe and sound in Colombia!
Dale and Rosi

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