Saturday, September 8, 2012

It looks deceptively easy at this point

View through the jungle

View from one of the headlands

View in the other direction - it was VERY steep to get up here

Rocks to be clambered over

We went through a section that was covered with these snake holes. Just when I thought they were all old and abondoned a head poked up the size of my fist. I missed the picture but we gave them a wide bearth after that!

Starting to get a little warm

This section was approx 50 feet long and all I could think of was the
spiders just over my head

Only 30 minutes in and almost soaked through

Through the rocks instead of over

This is about the half way point - somehow I don't think Rosi is feeling the love

Heat stroke anyone?

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  1. Rosi, you're a trooper! (Ok you too Dale!) Between the heat and humidity I would have packed it in and headed back. Stay safe :)