Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a short update

Nothing new or terribly exciting to pass on - just a brief up date on what's happening.

First, although Rosi is able to temper it quite well, I'm REALLY freak'n excited about our upcoming trip! I've now bought all the gadgets and gizmo's that Rosi will allow so the prep is all done. We leave on the 10th for Phoenix where I'll pull the bike from storage and get a service done and install all the gear that's been shipped and waiting for me at Dad's. The plan is to be on the bike and rolling by 7:00am on the 12th because it's like last year. There's not a lot to see in Northern Mexico so we'll have three fairly long days in the saddle before we make out first major stop in Saltillo, just outside of Monterrey.

The last few weeks have been a real whirlwind of activity. I was away for a week in Kamloops conducting an audit, got home on Friday night and by noon Saturday we were heading to Vancouver to attend David's fiftieth birthday party. It was a great time and we're glad we could be part of it. On Sunday Tami and Rosi drove back together and I caught an early flight to Winnipeg where I was for three days teaching a course. And just for the record, I'll NEVER complain about the weather here in Summerland EVER again. Not now that I've experienced 20 below with 80kph winds and a windchill of minus 30! Thanks, but not for me!

I'm back home again for a few days and on Monday I leave again for another week to conduct an audit in Clearwater. So far it's been great. I'm busy and having a ball!

Rosi is well and holding down the fort and has her game face on for the trip. It was scary for a brief time because the weather in the area we're going to was unseasonably cold - but it's great again and we're looking forward to some hot hot days. And more important - it'll be great to see the sun again. The Okanagan may be mild in the winter but sunny it's not.

Anyway, that's it for now

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