Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Times Indeed

Just a quick update to let friends and family know we're alive and well. Not much new to report I'm afraid - just same ol, same ol.

In the past few weeks we've concentrated on getting things back to normal after Christmas and I've continued on my prep for the trip. Nothing too exciting there either. I don't want to say it's old hat, because that implies we're not excited, but it is a lot easier now that we've done it a few times. I've ordered a few more things for delivery to AJ (thanks Dad!) and there'll be a flurry of activity just before we leave but at this point the prep it's pretty much done.

The next few weeks will just fly by because we're really going to be busy. I'm leaving this Monday for a week in Kamloops to conduct an audit. When I get back I have two more assignments out of town and then we leave on our trip. And between business trips we're making a quick trip down to Vancouver to attend David's 50th birthday party. Wow - who would have thought, 50? Yikes, that means I'm not far behind!

Business wise things are really cooking. The three assignments I have this month are all repeated to some degree every month we get back until the end of June. July and Aug are always slow for training and audit and then it'll all start back up in the second half of the year. When we're on the trip I'll be working most evenings. (What can I say? Work is the necessary evil that pays for the trip so I guess it's a fair trade) I signed up as a mentor for an on-line cohort for two different credit union courses which take about 10 hours/week each and I'm working with a marketing consultant and a website developer to rebrand my business. Very soon Dexco Training Consultants will officially be Dexco Consulting to better reflect the other things I'm doing besides training. I'll be dealing with this during the trip too so that I can launch my new website as soon as I'm back. I guess it's true, there really is no rest for the wicked :-)

That's it for now

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