Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At long last, after a winter that just wouldn't seem to end, spring has finally arrived! It's been a long time coming. All indications are that we're at least two weeks and maybe three, behind where we should be in the growing season and it's still cold and blustery if a storm comes through. Yesterday I was outside washing the car and it hailed for a half hour and f or a few minutes it even looked like it wanted to snow!

With spring comes some excitement; Rosi leaves this afternoon to start her trip. She's driving up to Vernon with Tami and tomorrow they fly down to Phoenix for two weeks at Apache Junction at my dad's. Enjoy your trip ladies!

Ward hit the road yesterday and should make it home to Osoyoos later tomorrow evening. I'm going to drive down and meet him in Oroville so that there's no hassle when he crosses the border and I'll help him unload in Osoyoos. I'm then getting a ride back down on Sunday to drive it back. I'm taking it in for some scheduled maintenance next Tuesday and after that, WooHoo! It'll be good to go. I'm looking forward to getting some great riding in this season.

And speaking of riding, I'm now officially a "WingNut" (It's Rosi's term, not mine) I joined the local chapter of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and this Saturday I'm driving up to Kelowna for my first breakfast meeting and group ride down to Tonasket. For those of you wondering what it's like to join a Goldwing group vs. riding with Harley owners, take a look at the following link; http://home.att.net/~pdmo/Humorfour.htm I'm not yet old enough to join but because I like Dairy Queen so much they made an exception.

Let's see, what else is new? I'm presenting my first on-line webinar this week so finally, I'll be officially be earning some income again. I'm heading down to the Island in two weeks and, knock on wood, as long as the weather is decent I'll ride. I'm going to spend the night at Dean and Leanne's in Maple Ridge and then ride up through the Sunshine Coast because I have a business meeting at First Credit Union in Powell River. From there I'll take the Ferry over to Comox and ride down to Nanoose to spend the night at Paul's. Let's hope the old Wing makes it!

That's it for now

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