Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tickets to Phoenix!!

Some good news; Ward has agreed to trailer my bike down to Phoenix and back so our trip to Mexico - albeit, a little shorter with Brad's news - is definitely on for January. Ward & Bonnie, thanks VERY much!.
So, my vacation time at work is approved for the last week of Jan and the first two weeks of Feb and last night I bought tickets on-line through US Airways. Not the greatest airline but no worse than most. They're a discount carrier affiliated with Northwest and part of the Star Alliance so I can collect aeromiles as well. Return tickets from Spokane to Phoenix - all taxes in - were only $279 each. Not too bad!
I'd normally say there's now lots of planning to do now but after getting ready for a much longer trip last year this will be a breeze. I'll post updates as we go along but it won't be the all consuming obsession it was last time.
Before that though, I have to get through this week-end which is flying down to Victoria tomorrow evening and picking up Flurry II and riding her with Kevan up to Courtenay, over to Powell River and down the Sunshine Coast, before heading home. According to Google Maps it's 850 klm so it'll be another great week-end ride. The forecast is for good weather so it should be smooth sailing, but things can change fast this time of year so my fingers are crossed. If I run into snow I'm screwed!

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