Friday, October 17, 2008

Ride Report

Well, it's been a full week since I rode back and I'm pretty much recovered. It was a long, tiring and cold trip.

I flew out to Victoria on Friday evening and picked up the bike at Jef'f''s as soon as arrived. From there it was a short ride to Brad's - he, Joyce and I had a lovely dinner but the night was a little rough because I slept on his couch - VERY comfortable for sitting and entertaining - not so much for sleeping. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast at a cool funky place they know - and I had to buy because I'm a man of my word and I lost a legitimate bet to Joyce the evening before - I hit the road around 10:00. I rode up Island to Nanaimo, where I joined Kevan and we continued on to Courtenay and then across to Powell River. The forecast was for clear and sunny but by the time I hit Duncan it was heavy overcast and cold - no rain but really dark and cold.

We spent the night in Powell River and had dinner at the pub attached to the hotel. After several double scotches,' sambucca with my coffee and a few beer we were able to solve all the world's problems before I went to sleep early - AKA passed out - no later than 9:30.

We're both early risers so we were up the next morning by 5:45 and on the road at 6:30. It was still dark but even then we could tell it was a fantastic road. We had to take it a little easy because of the fear of hitting a deer but it was still a great ride to the Ferry terminal. We caught the 7:25 boat to Earl's Cove and continued on down the Sunshine Coast. And true to it's name the sun came out in full force and we had a great ride down all the way to Horseshoe Bay.

Once there, Kevan pulled a u-turn to catch the Ferry back to Nanaimo and I headed on home. I was in Hope by 3:00, Merritt by 4:30 and I pulled into home just before 6:00. It was a cold ride but no rain and little traffic so all it all it was a great week-end.

Two pictures attached - before and after 800 klm in two days

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