Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update and trip report

Hi Everyone

First, an apology for not keeping things current.

As friends and family will all know, Rosi was diagnosed with an inter cranial but non-cancerous and non-malignant tumour this spring and it gave us quite a scare. The good news is we paid for a private MRI, which really speeded up the diagnosis process and we've now been able to consult with a fantastic neurosurgeon at St. Paul's. The very good news is the preferred option at this point is to wait and see. It's small enough - and slow growing enough - that the risk of surgery outweighs the benefits. Why good news? Because he told us not to worry and to get out and live, and to NOT let this stop us from doing things.

So........Mexico this winter is now definitely on!

We're tentatively planning for four weeks on the bike from mid-January to mid-February with no real firm itinerary at this point other than hoping to get to Veracruz. Now comes the planning and preparation, something that takes a lot more work that just hopping on a plane and flying to a resort. We'll keep things current on this blog as we progress.

Now the trip report. Last week-end I did my first major high-mileage trip on the V-Strom. I left Penticton right after work and went as far as Omak. From there I continued on to Wenatchee, over the Stevens Pass and up I5 to Birch Bay. On Sunday I went back down I5 to highway 20, over the North Cascade Hwty to Winthrop and Omak and then up Hwy 97 to home. All in all I covered 1,190 klm over two days. The weather was perfect, the roads were perfect and the traffic was light.

Muy Bueno!

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