Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Bike

For a while now Rosi and I have thought about a GoldWing as a second bike for longer-distance cruising. Not for adventure travel - my VStrom will be perfect for that - but for week-end trips here in BC and maybe a cruise down the Oregon Coast etc.

A second bike is expensive though, especially to insure, so we had to come up with a viable game plan. What we settled on was finding a well maintained but at least 25 year old GL1100. This would serve three different but closely related purposes; allow us to try a Wing without breaking the bank, keep insurance low because of collector status and finally, expose me to riding a larger cruiser without stepping immediately up to a GL 1800.

After two months of searching the Internet and web-based research we found a bike as close to perfect for our needs as one could hope. In Sidney I found a 1981 GL1100 that's been owned by the second owner for 12 years. In that time he maintained the bike meticulously, has all the service records and kept the bike in showroom condition.

With Brad's help I bought it two weeks ago and the owner agreed to store it for me until I can get down in Oct to pick it up. I've already submitted for the collectors plates so I'll be able to insure it year round and once I get it here I'm going to arrange for heated storage until Spring. Wrapped or not, there's no way I'll leave it in the carport over the winter.

Say hello to Flurry II !
May she run straight and true and live up to the very high bar set by her namesake.


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