Monday, August 27, 2012

View from our room

View from the breakfast patio

Another view from the hotel

Roof top breakfast patio

Hall outside our room - the display cases make it look more like a museum than a hotel

Street view of our hotel in Medellin

Metro station - pretty quiet on a Sundy morning

Metro train pulling into the station

Transfering into a metro cable car to start up the hill to the new library

Overlooking the Barrio

Don't look down!

The new multi-million dollar library in the heart of the barrio

Transfered again - now heading into the mountains to the national park

Cheesy smile

Just a shot of our room in Medellin

The little market at the national park - a lot of people were here for day hikes and bought their lunch here before heading out

Just wandering around the sites at the park visiter centre

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