Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6 & 7 Chapala - Rincon de Guayabitos

Well, I'm afraid the Mexican weather Gods are conspiring against us this trip - but from what we've heard it's all over Mexico, not just where we've been. Yesterday we did some great site-seeing around Lake Chapala, to a small little town on the lake called Jototepic. Very quaint, very Mexican, very colonial - but oh, so cold, wet and rainy! It started to rain sometime during the night and basically didn't let up all day. It ranged from a light misty rain, almost like a heavy fog, to full on pouring - and the temperature, because Chapala is fairly high, was cold and damp. Not too pleasant after a couple days so this morning we pushed on.

Luckily, although it was still cool and damp, it wasn't raining when we pulled out and headed into Guadalajara, where we hoped to pick up the Autopista to the coast. I said hoped, because the best laid plans etc. etc. came into full contact with eight lanes of VERY chaotic early morning rush hour traffic and we missed our exit - again. I'll let it go at that. There's no use in rehashing our hour of living hell that was Guadelajara traffic and our attempt to get back on track - suffice to say that we were eventually spit out the other side and aside from a few frayed nerves what doesn't kill you truly does make you stronger.

We had fairly good weather for the rest of what was a fairly short trip this time. Just 350 klm and some four hours, and as we descended onto the coast it really started to warm up, so much so that only for the second time we were able to peel off all our rain gear and ride in just our hot weather mesh gear.

About twenty minutes out of rincon though, it clouded up again and started to spit rain, with a threatening storm moving in. We were close enough that we weren't going to stop to change again so we motored on - into a worsening storm. When we made it to Rincon we pulled into the first restaurant we came to, a place we've frequented before, and just in time. The skys absolutely opened up with huge deluge and howling winds. I kid you not, it was like a mini-hurricane for a few minutes. We ran into some other tourists from Kelowna, also taking shelter from the storm, and they said it's been like this for the last ten days they've been here. In PV for every one good day they've had it's been followed by a day of heavy rain and wind, so we're not alone.

The restaurant has rooms in a small courtyard behind the main restaurant area so we grabbed one just to make it simple. It's great! A good sizes room with two double beds, large storage closet, fridge and microwave, LOT's of hot water (which is VERY important after a day of riding)and a crystal clear pool just steps from the room - all for $28. Mexico, gotta love it!
We're here for two nights and then we're giving ourselves a treat. More to follow

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