Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Beginings

It's been a VERY busy last few weeks. There were highs lows and lots of everything else in-between.

We had the memorial service for Rosi's mum almost three weeks ago and it was lovely. It was standing room only and a very fitting tribute to her life and accomplishments. A service is hugely emotional at the best of times but I sometimes think doubly so when it's your mother. Rosi is still struggling with her grief and is doing as well as can be expected. Each day is a new one and we move on.

As friends and family know, I've been working on a diploma in adult education for quite some time. I've often thought about starting down a new career path as a trainer and consultant but the time just never seemed right, especially with the recent economic downturn. This said though, there's never a right time. Rosi and I discussed it and we decided I'd give it a try. My fear is if I don't try now I may never. And, at the end of the day, it's the things we didn't do that we regret, not the things we did.

I returned to work on Monday, Feb 23rd and gave my notice that I was leaving in two months to start a new career. As is often the case with senior management though, the credit union didn't necessarily want someone hanging around who was obviously focused on something else. Particularly since other credit unions will be my primary marketing focus - so they released me immediately. It was a bit of a shock - OK, a huge shock - and it couldn't have come at a worse time, because of the other stresses due to Rosi's mum's passing, but whatever is meant to be will be. I'm now on my own as a training and development consultant, madly working the phone to develop contacts and drum up business. I have a few meetings already lined up and I have a really good feeling about where this might lead. In the interim I've joined the ranks of the self-employed and now control my own destiny. Which is double-speak for saying I now work 60 hours a week for half pay - but so far I'm loving it!

For tax reasons we formed the new company as a partnership. Say hello to DEXCO Training Consultants. The website is still under construction but I now have a business e-mail and the fax machine should be up and running in a few days. My business e-mail is and the company website is

One thing that's looking good since I now have more flexibility is I'm leaning towards flying back to Phoenix and riding my bike home. My sister Tami, one of the kindest and supportive women you'll ever meet, is taking Rosi on a two-week vacation back to Phoenix in April. Tami goes down every April and has enough airmiles to pay for her tickets as well as my other sister Sheri and Rosi. Oh boy! I can only imagine the goings on around the hot tub once those three crack open their first bottle of Corona or Red Wine! Rosi needs it though. Our vacation was cut short and it's been a crappy time for her since.

As for me, as long as I can get some work lined up before I go I'll take few days and complete the ride home. I'll fly down on a Wed so I can have the Thu and Fri to complete all the necessary maintenance, and then hit the road on a Sunday morning to avoid the freeway commuter traffic on a Monday. Looking at a map, I can do the ride in five easy days, which will put me home on a Thur night. And by late April (knock on wood) I shouldn't have any issues with snow. It'll be chilly again, but this time I'll have my other gear, which is designed specifically for cold weather riding, so I'll be fine.

That's it for now. I'm a co-executor on Rosi's mum's will and there are seven children and lots of grandchildren, all with an opinion of how things should be handled, the wills instructions notwithstanding. Stuart, her oldest son, is doing pretty much all the work and I'm just along for a second opinion and moral support, but it's still a huge commitment. And no matter how you try, someone isn't going to be satisfied. Oh well, broad shoulders.

Adios mi Amigos Y mi Familia

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