Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Safe and Sound in Apache Junction

I left Navajoa this morning at 7:15 at a chilly 4 degree's. I made VERY good time ( no speed limit on the Autopista!) and I was at the border around 3:00. Clearing out of Mexico was quick and painless and the line up to get into the US wasn't too bad either so it was only 4:00 when I pulled into Nogales US and I figured what, the heck, I might as well go all the way.

I eventually pulled into Apache Junction just after full dark, right around 7:00. So, 11 1/2 hours and 900 klm later I'm here. Almost 3,000 Mexican kilometers in four days - not too shabby.

I'll make arrangements to store the bike tomorrow and book my flight and I should be home in Summerland by Thursday night.

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  1. You guys are enough to inspire anybody interested in long distance motorcycling! Keep us informed.