Saturday, February 9, 2008


When Kevan picked up my bike last January he drove it home over the Malahat in a blinding snowstorm. He dumped it for the first time that day while trying to pull into a gas station in six inches of fresh snow. Later in the Spring, after a stretch of excellent weather, he offered to drive it up to Penticton for me. Again, he hit snow, sleet and everything in between, and he was near frozen when he finally arrived. From that point on his name of Flurry for my motorcycle stuck.

I write this with very mixed emotions - or more accurately, with emotions I shouldn´t have. I purposely bought Flurry with the intent of leaving her here in Central America. She was cheap, but with an excellent reputation for reliability, and this strategy allowed me the freedom of not having to worry about shipping etc., at completion.


During the last four weeks Flurry has become much more than just a motorcycle. She´s been my closest friend and my biggest supporter. She´s greeted me each morning with a cough and a roar, and filled each day with the purr of a finely tuned engine - even after 26 years. She´s held up well, and has stood up to the abuse of more than 6,000 klm of the worst that Central Amercia could throw at her. The tire problems weren´t her fault and I have forgiven her completley.

In all this time I´ve never asked for more than she had to give and she´s never given any less than all that I´ve asked. And now I have to leave her.

I know she´s ''just'' a motorcycle but she must be more. A grown man wouldn´t cry when it comes time to say good-by to a ''just'' a motorcycle: would he?

When you´re thinking of us on this trip please give a little thought to Flurry too - she deserves it. She´s MUCH more than ''just'' a motorcycle.

Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo
God Speed!

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  1. Dale what a wonderful blog!
    It really choked me up...still have much reading to do as have not looked in a while, but very excited to read.
    Flurry will live on forever, darling!!!
    Love, Cuz Coll